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What's needed for a practical Puppet class?

 I'm a happy user of Puppet and love sharing my knowledge with other people.  Although I'm not that active online, I've done quiet some work in getting Puppet known and used in environments that aren't that easily addressable.  More specifically, IT departments at several universities in Cuba and Ethiopia.  This as part of several IT for development  programmes.  If you want to learn more about that work, read the paper I published about it.  I also started the Puppet User Group in Ethiopia.

Last December I was in Cuba to follow up on my projects.  When I was at the Universidad de Oriente in Santiago De Cuba I spent some time with the university staff working with Puppet.  The adoption is still very young and they are still in the 'learning and testing' phase.
During our hands on sessions it became clear to me that there is need for specific instructors material that teaches the use of Puppet by using already available modules.
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