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No default php.ini in etch

After some testing yesterday I automatically installed Debian Etch on the web servers of the e-learning system at the university.  The web servers are behind a LVS loadbalancer.

I only tested the installation on one machine and that went smoothly.   However people connecting through the load balancers were having problems.

It turns out that the PHP4 packages in Etch don't provide a default php.ini file.  The defaults are the compile time defaults.  Unfortunately my FAI scripts depended on that default php.ini file.  But it wasn't there so, amongst others,  the session path wasn't the correct one and sessions weren't shared over the tree web servers.

Luckily Patrick from ICTO soon spotted the problem by looking at the output of phpinfo().

I don't know what happens when you upgrade van sarge to etch though.

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