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Gnash 0.8.0 release made

Improvements since the 0.7.2 alpha release are:

* Streaming video works with YouTube and! This has been the
focus for the majority of the time since the last release.
* Many core improvments in the VM as our understanding of Flash
improves. These all improve both the correctness of a movie that is
being played, but enebles more movies to play that used to not work.
* New FLTK2 gui support added.
* Simple Flash debugger added.
* Improved Darwin support that can use the system OpenGL.
* Flash extensions, direct support for file handling, MySQL access,
etc.. through plugins to the Gnash VM. Wrappers for any C/C++ API
libraries can be exported into ActionScript, and used as native
commands in a Flash movie.
* Many new testcases! Support for testing with ming, swfmill, amd
mtasc compilers.
* New drawing API for MovieClips..
* Updated manuals.

Getting a step closer to seeing flash movies with Freedom of Choice!


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