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Beid on Gutsy (part two)

In my previous point I said I didn't know what to do with my electronic ID. Luc pointed me to tax on web. First I needed to load a security module in my Firefox browser. Opening the file file:///usr/share/beid/beid-pkcs11-register.html doesn't work. I references to a file that doesn't exist (/usr/lib/, but /usr/lib/
does. So loading a security device manuly in firefox with that file gets it working. After that I was able to log in on tax on web, so that works. Next to that I found out that the CM website uses BEID too.

Jo talks about a mono tool. But what is it called?


Have a look at
It's a site that shows you all the info about your personal file. Also access-logs telling you who accessed/updated your profile when.

Please also TAKE your EID OUT OF THE READER ASAP when you did your authentication.
Every website that wants, can read your complete identity out of that card. That's name, addr, bday,... without you knowing it.

We are really enjoyed to have best beid gutsy parts. The details are deeply written for us on this website. The details are really important for our education and our future life.

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